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By aperture99, Feb 28 2014 10:40PM

it support milton keynes
it support milton keynes

We provide A pay as you go IT Support service in and around Milton Keynes

System Monitoring - We keep an eye on all your servers and software and let you know if we spot any potential issues

Maintenance Visit - We recommend a visit from us to check everything is working as it should. We also use this visit to upgrade any systems to the latest available versions so you can rest assured you’re up to date with everything you are using.

Remote Support - We use remote support tech to access your systems if you need us too. This is really handy if you just have a quick query that doesn’t require a full visit.

The only difference is, you don’t pay us for work we don’t do. We keep an eye on everything off site free of charge. You only pay us for work when we do it. Quite simply we are offering Pay As You Go IT Support.

Sounds too good to be True?

Really it’s just a practical solution to a problem many businesses face. Particularly start ups or small businesses that simply need quick solutions when a problem arises rather than a hefty spent budget on things that might happen. We go the extra mile to keep an eye on things and keep you up to date, we just don’t charge you for all the time we aren’t needed.

Whether you’re a freelancer at home with one PC or a growing business with several, we are ready to provide the Pay As You Go IT support that your company can benefit from technically and financially.

By aperture99, Mar 29 2012 08:08AM

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By guest, Jan 2 2012 01:08PM

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