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Is your laptop or PC hard drive running out of space..? You probably know that you can upgrade your desktop computer's hard drive. But you may not know that you can upgrade the hard drive on your laptop.  


Installing a new hard drive remains one of the most popular upgrade projects for PC users. And it's easy to see why. Today's drives are bigger than ever and bargain priced, and they offer a performance boost as well. You'll need that extra space for the increasingly roomy OS installs and gigabyte-eating applications that are the norm these days. And don't forget graphics, audio, and video files. 


We can upgrade your HDD with the bigger drive and none of your Windows settings or programs will change. Your laptop will be exactly the same, except with a lot more free hard disk space.



Benefits Of Having a Bigger Hard Disc Drive:



 Today's drives are bigger than ever and bargain priced

 They offer a performance boost

 Extra space for the increasingly roomy OS installs

 More space for gigabyte-eating applications istalled on your Laptop PC

 Storage space for all your document's

 And don't forget graphics, audio, and video files.



Has Your Laptop or PC Hard Disc Drives Packed Up:



Here at MKPC we can replace your hard disc with a new one, we may be able to recover all your data and transfer to your new drive, plus if you laptop has a windows product key sticker on the bottom we can reinstall windows without you having to buy a new license.




Average Cost of Laptop & PC Hard Disc Drives:


The cost of a new 2.5 laptop Hard Disc Drive depends on the sise, but a big 500GB starts from as little as £58 with good brand names like samsung and western digital so why go lower than that..! and for a 500GB 3.5" PC hard disc it is around £56.



You will find that the new sata range of hard drive is alot cheaper than the older IDE pin drives. Most new laptops and desktops come with sata drives, and older laptop and desktop computers will have IDE drives.




  A Technician will:



                  Clone everything from your old hard drive to a new hard drive.


                   Install Cloned new hard drive


                  Format your old hard drive to destroy any data if you require


                 Test Laptop and perform free health check




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