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MKPC Custom built PC's



In today's marketplace we all need to save time and money everywhere we can.


MKPC'S pre-built PCs have been designed and specified with you in mind. Using only branded parts, we have created an initial range of 15 PCs to help provide the right system for all our customers. All our pre-built PCs are both upgradeable and expandable and are supplied free of any restrictive OS.


All our pre-built PCs come with a 12-month collect and return warranty and a further 2 years labour warranty, giving both you and your customer total piece of mind

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Our pre-built PCs are hand assembled to the highest standard.


Once the PC has been assembled it undergoes a rigorous-testing regime to ensure that all components are working without conflict, giving you peace of mind that any pre-built PC you buy from MKPC will work straight out of the box.



The following is a sample of the most populer specs. That said remember we can build whatever spec you need.

Our pre-built i3 PC comes with 4GB of memory, a large 1TB hard drive, 5.1 channel HD audio, 22 x DVDRW. This PC is designed with both entry-level gaming and media in mind.

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