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If you are not sure what the spec of your PC or Laptop is then we have a great little tool that you can download for free that will give you all the infomation you need to know about your system.


This tool will look over all the system and return a report for you showing things like motherboard info, how much memory you have and what type and how big your hard discs is and what space is being used on it.  It will also list what operating system you are running plus a whole lot more.

SpeccyTool speccy-pic

This is what you will see when you run Speccy

Click on the file above " spsetup111 " and when promted select Save and save to your system. Once the download completes you can click Run and this will install SPECCY and put an icon on the desktop for you.

Upgrade or Buy A New PC?


If you have the uneasy feeling that your PC is as obsolete as a worn-out automobile with 200,000 miles on the odometer, it might be time for a new machine or a few well-chosen upgrades. Here's how to decide.


If your PC is getting long in the tooth, you have several options. You can, for example, upgrade your current system by adding new components or replacing some of its existing ones. Or you can just buy a new machine.


But before you decide what to do, it's a smart idea to do a bit of soul-searching and take a hard look at why you're unhappy with your existing PC. Is it too slow? Does it have reliability problems? Do you want to play the latest PC games, work with images from your digital camera, or edit video from your camcorder? Those are good reasons to consider an upgrade or new PC purchase.


A few judiciously selected upgrades could help you ease into more-sophisticated computing without busting your budget. And although the computer companies won't like to hear this, upgrades can allow you to put off purchasing a new system for months, perhaps even years.

We offer a full range of upgrade services

including memory and hard drives. Call

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